Tips to Maintain Your Senior Loved One’s Heart Health

As your loved one ages, the higher their risk of cardiovascular diseases becomes. Fortunately, you can encourage them to adopt healthy habits. As your trusted provider of in-home nursing care in Maryland, we at Priority Health Care Systems, are more than happy to list down tips you can use to help your seniors be heart-healthy. … Continue reading

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Understanding and Preventing Senior Depression

Depression can happen to anyone of any age, regardless of their achievements. However, it is particularly dangerous to seniors since some people often assume depression is just a regular part of aging. Left untreated, it can also start manifesting as physical symptoms. As a home health agency in Maryland, we have supported several clients with … Continue reading

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Benefits of Staying Physically Active for Seniors

A lot of seniors are afraid of engaging in physical activity because they are afraid it puts them at risk of accidents or straining a muscle. However, studies have proven that physical activity can improve one’s health and is essential to healthy aging. This is why as a home health agency in Maryland, we try … Continue reading

Caring for Senior’s Skin: Preventing Dryness and Itching

As we age, our skin tends to lose its suppleness and its capacity to retain moisture. This makes seniors’ skin prone to dryness, which eventually results in itching and infected wounds. This is why it is important to give careful attention to senior skin. As a home health agency in Maryland, we take senior skincare into consideration when caring for … Continue reading

How to Approach Your Senior Loved One About Their Mental Health

Changes are inevitable when your loved one reaches their golden years. But changes such as confusion, feelings of worthlessness, social withdrawal, decrease or increase in appetite, and depressed moods that last for two weeks and more can be a sign of something more. They may already be dealing with mental health conditions such as depression, … Continue reading

Why You Need to Take Advantage of Home Health Care

Frequent hospital visits are common to most patients, especially to those who are diagnosed with a chronic medical condition. Mostly, they visit the hospital merely to get their needed professional healthcare services. Unfortunately, going to and from the hospital can be too stressful for patients, especially for patients who need to drive. This is not … Continue reading