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Sleep: Why It Matters to Seniors

It is normal to experience changes in sleeping patterns as you grow older. You may find yourself waking up earlier, becoming sleepy earlier, or having less deep sleeping. However, often waking up tired, disturbed sleep, and other insomnia symptoms are not a typical part of aging. As an expert in mental health care in Montgomery … Continue reading

Gateway to Healthy and Happy Aging

Aging involves both negative and positive changes which cause a decline in health. However, as what Priority Health Care Systems envisions, you can still enjoy aging. One way is to understand what’s happening to your body, and the other one is to take certain steps to maintain your health. As you age, a number of … Continue reading

4 Essential Vitamins for Healthy Aging

As individuals age, they tend to neglect the importance of vitamins. We at Priority Health Care Systems believe that you should be mindful of the importance of vitamins just like when you were young. Here are four essential vitamins for healthy aging: Vitamins B6 and B12 B-complex vitamins are necessary for greater body functions. Vitamin … Continue reading