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Comprehensive and Accessible Care Services

When your loved ones are aging or are suffering from certain illnesses or disabilities, their attending physicians may prescribe them to avail of both medical and non-medical care services. Medical services assist with patients’ treatments and are administered by skilled nurses, therapists, and other licensed health professionals. Non-medical care, on the other hand, aim to assist patients with activities of daily living through the services of caregivers and other care professionals.

Both these services may be available in hospitals, nursing facilities, or in patients’ homes, with the latter being the most preferred care setting. Depending on the state where you and your loved ones reside, several care providers offer such services. Selecting one should depend on a variety of factors from location to personal finances, but what truly sets the best provider apart is personalization and the availability of a wide range of services that will meet every patient’s set of needs.

One such provider is Priority Health Care Systems, a home health agency in Maryland that offers comprehensive and accessible care services that include the following:

  • In-home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland.
  • Personal care
  • Hospice

The agency also provides companionship services, respite care, and mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland. All these services are available 24 hours a day by excellent and compassionate health and care professionals.

Visit the agency at to avail of home care, mental health services, and in-home nursing care in Maryland.