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We’ve got the perfect solution if you’re looking for the perfect companion.

At Priority Healthcare Systems, we know that companionship is more than just a job—it’s about impacting someone’s life. Our compassionate and dedicated caregivers are all ready to serve you in the comfort of your own home for companionship.

We know that as they grow older, they need more support from their loved ones and friends. But sometimes, we can’t always be there for them, or perhaps they don’t have any family or friends who can provide this care. That’s why we created Priority Healthcare Systems—to bring support to those who need it most. We are here to help you live a full and happy life with peace of mind knowing that someone is always there when you need them.

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Our companionship services include:

Daily Support and Interaction

Our caregivers will visit you on schedule, usually in the morning, to provide companionship and interaction. They will also assist with tasks that are part of the care plan.

Accompany on Errands

When time permits, our caregivers can accompany you when you need to run errands, such as going to a grocery store or taking a stroll in the park.

Attendance at Social Functions

If you have activities outside of the home, such as church events, our caregivers can attend these events to ensure that your needs are met.

Transportation to Appointments

Our caregivers will be your companion at the event when you need to go to an appointment. They will assist you in getting there and back, as well as provide interaction during the time of the appointment.

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers can remind you when it's time to take your medications. Often we forget, so having a handy person around is ideal so they can remind us.

Shadow when Ambulating

If you need assistance walking, our caregivers can be a good companion for hours a day. They will assist you and make sure that you are safe.

Ready to Get Started?

We’d like to help you explore our companionship services. If you want more information or want to speak to a Priority Healthcare Systems representative, call us at (301) 288-4228.

Our caregivers are available 24/7, so you’ll never have to worry about falling apart from your loved one’s care again.