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How to Approach Your Senior Loved One About Their Mental Health

Changes are inevitable when your loved one reaches their golden years. But changes such as confusion, feelings of worthlessness, social withdrawal, decrease or increase in appetite, and depressed moods that last for two weeks and more can be a sign of something more. They may already be dealing with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and unresolved trauma, among others.

However, before seeking treatment and other interventions, you must first speak with your elderly loved one and discuss what they’re feeling.

As your home health agency in Maryland, we at Priority Health Care Systems know that it’s not that simple to raise the subject. This is why we’re listing down ways on how you can broach the subject to your senior loved one.

  • Be respectful when broaching the subject.
  • If they’re hesitant, focus your discussion instead on symptom management, not the condition.
  • Take any resistance in a stride. Mental health issues are difficult for everyone, but more so for the elderly.
  • Try and try again. You or elderly loved one is bound to get emotional during this time, they may lash out or shut you down, but don’t give up, try again next time.
  • Let them speak with a provider of mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland, and similar resource persons.
  • Provide them with resources they can utilize at their own time.
  • If you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to enlist our mental health clinic services at our in home nursing care in Maryland.

Delivered by our competent team of a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, or addiction counselor, you can be assured that your elderly will be taken care of in our in home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland.