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Mental Health: Simple and Fun Activities for Seniors

As a provider of mental health care in Montgomery county, Maryland, our home health agency in Maryland is aware that seniors, especially if they live alone, often suffer from boredom and loneliness. Hence, they need to have various stimulating activities to keep their minds sharp and their bodies moving. cites that socially active and engaged seniors reap various benefits, such as better cognitive function, emotional and physical health, a boosted immune system, and increased longevity. suggests the following activities for seniors:

  1. Physical activities
    • Engaging in sports such as golf and tennis
    • Going biking, swimming, hiking or camping
    • Enrolling in dance lessons or exercise programs
  2. Memory and mental activities
    • Arts and crafts, such as knitting, painting, coloring, and DIYing gifts
    • Having a trivia game with friends
    • Playing games, such as puzzles, cards, bingo, and board games
    • Reading
    • Spending some time for playing an instrument or singing
  3. Recreational activities
    • Taking care of pets or gardening
    • Going fishing
    • Joining bus tours or a cruise
    • Watching movies

Is your elderly loved one in need of mental health care? Avail of our services at Priority Health Care Systems. You can enroll your loved one in a psychiatric rehabilitation program that can help them with independent living, anger management, social skills, and other possible mental health problems. Our services also include mental health care, in-home personal care, and in home nursing care in Maryland.

You could also improve your loved one’s home health and well-being through our nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Inquire about our in home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland.