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Sleep: Why It Matters to Seniors

It is normal to experience changes in sleeping patterns as you grow older. You may find yourself waking up earlier, becoming sleepy earlier, or having less deep sleeping. However, often waking up tired, disturbed sleep, and other insomnia symptoms are not a typical part of aging.

As an expert in mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland would tell you, seniors who are unable to sleep well have a higher risk of attention and memory problems, depression, and falls. Inadequate sleep can also result in complex health problems, including diabetes, weight problems, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The following tips that our home health agency in Maryland has provided can help you recognize and deal with age-related sleep problems:

  • Learn how sleep changes as you get older.
    • Your body produces lower levels of growth hormone as you age. This can mean a decrease in deep sleep. You may also produce less melatonin, which causes you to wake up more frequently at night.
  • Identify underlying issues.
    • Underlying causes may be the reason behind your sleep difficulties. Try to think of all potential causes, so that you can get the best possible help from your provider of in home nursing care in Maryland. Your sleep difficulties may be caused by poor sleep habits, medications, or medical conditions.
  • Improve your sleep.
    • You can get better sleep by improving your sleep environment, addressing emotional issues, and adopting healthier lifestyle habits. Two lifestyle habits that can affect your sleep are diet and exercise. So, you should watch what you eat in the hours before you sleep and you must also regularly exercise to promote restful sleep.

With assistance from Priority Health Care Systems, you can enjoy better sleep. We are a quality provider of in-home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland.