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Tips to Maintain Your Senior Loved One’s Heart Health

As your loved one ages, the higher their risk of cardiovascular diseases becomes. Fortunately, you can encourage them to adopt healthy habits.

As your trusted provider of in-home nursing care in Maryland, we at Priority Health Care Systems, are more than happy to list down tips you can use to help your seniors be heart-healthy. Take a look below.

  • Help them keep their weight within the healthy limits
    • Extra weight means increased risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even mental health issues—studies show significantly poorer mental health outcomes in 38.5% of obese seniors. This may mean mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland down the line, without early intervention.

      Help them lose weight by not only deliberately cutting off portions, but also by checking for other factors that may have had them consuming more calories than they should such as processed foods that contain empty calories or simply, big portions. Don’t hesitate to enlist the services of a home health agency in Maryland for professional meal preps and other nutrition assistance.
  • Make sure they have a fiber-rich diet
    • Fiber will keep your senior loved one feeling full and help keep their blood cholesterol level at healthy levels. Include fruits, beans, and other colorful vegetables, whole-grain bread, and nuts, among others into their diet.
  • Don’t rush lifestyle changes
    • Perhaps, the most important tip on the list—make sure to transition slowly into a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle especially if your loved one has been practicing a significantly different one.

Need assistance? We, through our in-home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland, have been providing the community with high-quality home health care services.