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Understanding and Preventing Senior Depression

Depression can happen to anyone of any age, regardless of their achievements. However, it is particularly dangerous to seniors since some people often assume depression is just a regular part of aging. Left untreated, it can also start manifesting as physical symptoms.

As a home health agency in Maryland, we have supported several clients with senior depression. It is usually caused by the following:

  • Health problems
    • Illnesses and disabilities that cause chronic pain, cognitive decline, damage to your body image, etc.
  • Loneliness and isolation
    • Living alone, a dwindling social circle due to deaths or relocation, and decreased mobility due to illness
  • Reduced sense of purpose
    • A feeling of identity loss, status, self-confidence, and financial security after retirement
  • Fears
    • Fear of death, financial problems, or health issues
  • Recent bereavements
    • Death of friends, family members, and pets

A great way to prevent or manage depression is to find new things you enjoy, staying physically and socially active, and volunteering in the community. Doing these may seem difficult when you are depressed, but every small step can make a big difference. You can also consider getting mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland,to get professional services.

We at Priority Health Care Systems can support you as you make these small steps until you feel better. We provide various services, including in-home personal care, mental health programs, and in home nursing care in Maryland.

Our professional staff will make sure you get all the help you need with our in home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland.