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Loneliness in Seniors: A Growing Health Concern

Priority Health Care Systems believes that feelings of isolation and loneliness can creep into everyone’s system at any time, most especially in senior citizens who choose to stay indoors more often than they should.

Sometimes, senior citizens feel lonely because family members have moved away to different locations and cannot visit as often as they would like to.

Other times, no matter how many people are there in the room, some senior citizens merely do not know how to connect with others.

Without intervention, loneliness can turn into depression, which is a growing concern for many senior citizens in our society as per the health experts in our home health agency in Maryland. Negative emotions can truly impact one’s physical and mental health.

If you do not always have the time to visit your senior loved one, you can look for other ways to help them avoid getting lonely and depressed.

If your senior loved one is not allergic to pets, consider inviting them to visit a pet shop with you and let them select a pet that they would like to have.

You can also try to enroll them in painting classes, yoga, ballroom dancing, or anything that can let them exercise and socialize with others at the same time. When they are busy, they get distracted.

You can also hire a caregiver. Caregivers are trained to focus solely on the well-being of their patients. They can assist with housekeeping, meal preparations, and escort tasks. They can also provide quality companionship.

If you know that your senior loved one is too depressed to appreciate anything that you do, consider talking to them about our mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland for counseling and treatment.

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