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Physical Therapy: How Can It Help Elderly People

Also called physiotherapy, physical therapy is a service designed to help people restore, develop, or maintain their full functional ability and movement. Along with skilled nursing, this is one of the in-demand services offered at a home health agency in Maryland for the fact that it helps patients get back to their normal routines. Specifically, here are the ways it can help elderly people maintain a healthy and happy life:

  • Alleviate headaches, as well as neck and back pains
    • If you’re elderly loved ones are experiencing muscle pains and spasms in their neck and back area, be sure to consult a doctor first. In most cases, sessions of physical therapy can help alleviate the pain and help them get better sleep. The same is true for those with recurring headaches.
  • Treat balance disorders
    • Feelings of unsteadiness can be annoying. And if not treated, this can lead to more serious mobility problems. If you have a loved one with balance disorders, availing of physical therapy services for them is a great idea to help them restore or maintain their good posture.
  • Recover from sports-related and work-related injuries
    • Strains, strains, and joint pain can also be treated with a series of physical therapy sessions. Aside from availing of home nursing care in Maryland for more serious cases, it’s also practical to avail of physical therapy sessions to help your loved one recover from injuries due to sports or work.
  • Recover from stroke
    • Stroke patients, especially those who are half-paralyzed, could also use physical therapy sessions to regain the strength of their muscles.

If you’re taking care of elderly people, physical therapy services should be one of the geriatric care services you should avail for them. Doing this promotes their wellbeing, especially in helping them do their normal daily routine. If you’re now looking for a provider of this service, you can rely on Priority Health Care Systems, a provider of mental health care in Montgomery County, Maryland that also offers physical therapy services.