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The Relationship of Dementia and Diabetes

Glucose is used to fuel our body, giving us more energy to perform all day. However, misuse of glucose can lead to certain diseases like diabetes and dementia. Diabetes is a disease wherein the glucose outnumbers the volume of insulin in our body. Dementia, on the other side, occurs when there is an insufficient amount of glucose that is needed to energize our brain. Here are two reasons why there is a relationship between diabetes and dementia.

  1. Diabetes Affects Dementia Risks
    • Type 2 diabetes may lead to dementia if not treated early. Many seniors think that acquiring dementia is natural to them because of their old age. However, the truth is dementia occurs when the glucose in our brain is insufficient. Glucose is the main source of energy in our brain. If you have type 2 diabetes, you better be wary of your future. But, with our in-home nursing care in Maryland, we can help you obtain a healthy lifestyle right in your home.
  2. Diabetes Prevents Dementia
    • If untreated, diabetes can lead to dementia. Treated diabetes will also lessen your chances of having dementia. One good thing about the relationship between the two is that treating diabetes early will lower the risk of dementia when you get old. To have a greater chance of being free from having dementia, treat diabetes first. Having a healthy lifestyle will help you a lot in preventing serious illnesses. Our Mental Health Care in Montgomery County, Maryland will cater your needs about your mental health.

These two diseases may have built a certain connection but preventing this to happen with us will be the strongest connection in fighting diabetes and dementia. We are a Home Health Agency in Maryland which aims to provide quality care to people at any level. Priority Health Care Systems is willing to serve you. Do not hesitate to ask for our guidance.