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What Is a Healthful Diet?

Everyone wants to achieve a healthy life regardless of gender and age. As said, we are what we eat. To become healthy, one must be cautious of his or her diet and nutrition needs. A healthful diet is always a top priority for any individual, most especially for seniors who are experiencing a certain health problem. What is a healthful diet? Let us consider two important points about a healthful diet – sufficiency and balance.

  1. A Healthful Diet Is Balanced
    • Balance is one of the keys to wellness. A balanced diet is composed of varied vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are helpful in every human body functions. It consists of foods that can sustain a good health as you enjoy an active life, and as you age. Fiber, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, zinc, and protein are some of the essential elements that you need. Like any other food intake, a healthful diet should be balanced. One cannot have an over-consumption of a certain vitamin and have a deficiency in another. A balanced diet is a must for everyone. However, for seniors, most of them need assistance in managing and monitoring their own health and nutrition needs. Priority Health Care System is a home health agency that provides in-home nursing care serving all counties in Maryland. One should consider healthcare assistance, especially for seniors who are at risk with their health.
  2. A Healthful Diet Is Sufficient
    • There is no specific way to healthy eating that is applicable to everyone. A healthful diet is not a “one size fits all” because everyone needs diverse nutrition that is sufficient for their own health. A sufficient diet consists of foods that offer essential elements your body highly needs. In a healthful diet, one should ask “Is this food sufficient for my health needs?” For adults who have a calcium deficiency, one must consume milk and dairy products. On the other hand, for a person with vitamin C deficiency, fruits like oranges and apples are highly recommended. What vitamins and nutrients does your body need? You need to be mindful of eating if you want to maintain a healthy life. Most especially, for seniors who have a specific nutrition need due to their health condition.